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Jewelry Lines for All Styles

Our jewelry collections at Designs & Accessories, Inc. in Fort Walton Beach, FL are nothing short of eclectic.


As a designer and jewelry artist, Ronaldo has spent more than 100,000 hours honing his skills and developing his artistic technique, which has reached an unmatched level of perfection and distinction. Through superior workmanship, incomparable attention to detail, and one-of-a-kind style, Ronaldo has become known as one of the premier, handmade jewelry artists in the US. Explore his incredible selection of exquisite designer jewelry.

With more than 25 years of industry experience and a steadfast commitment to quality, juried, award-winning artist, Ronaldo, is the only name you need to know for unbeatable artistry and beautiful, custom-created jewelry.

Ronaldo has created and copywritten more than 892 designs. He uses only the finest raw materials, including 14k gold wire, platinum, Argentium silver, and 14k gold artist wire to create his masterpieces. Once his designs are sculpted into metal, Ronaldo complements them with only superior quality gemstones, semi-precious stones, cameos, and pearls.

Waxing Poetic

Waxing Poetic jewelry, charms, objects, candles, housewares, and general amusements come to you from Carpinteria, CA by way of designer Patti Pagliei Simpson, her intimate coterie of friends and family (sisters in particular) – like-minded artists, dreamers, adventurers, and raconteurs. We make things we love and hope you like them, too.

We believe that faith, risk, hope, and joy are inextricably bound to each other and never mutually exclusive. Adventure and routine are strange, and sometimes lovely cousins. There is a way to connect the lines among all of us, and in our own small way, we want to make links. If we can make things to share, to pass in between, we can do more than we ever hoped – and then some.

Our jewelry is fabricated by an incredible batch of Balinese craftsmen and women, whom we truly consider part of our extended family. These incredible people devote themselves and their lives to beauty, both in action and intent. Somehow, we were blessed to have them join forces with us.

Our Bali artisans are paid several times more than minimum wage and treated with respect, dignity, and most importantly, gratitude. We work closely with the Bali wing of the WP family in both refining our designs and in building aesthetic sensibility based not only on concept, but also on construction and shared content.

Waxing Poetic believes in community. Not just ours, but the overall global version of community. We want to be fair, good, and grateful. We do our best, but know we can always do better. Much of that better, really and truly, is thanks to you.

Ginger Snaps

Ginger Snaps is a new style of interchangeable jewelry that features what we like to call, “fashion snaps” – button-like charms you snap in and out of stylish bracelets, rings, and more. We are all about heart and soul, sweetness and sass, and a brazen sense of individuality.

To change your snaps, simply pry one out using your fingers. The snap detaches and then it can quickly be removed and replaced with a new design.

Alexa's Angels

Since the early beginnings, our company has steadily expanded our line of jewelry and accessories. Our goal has always been to inspire heartfelt emotions and nurture a sense of wellbeing.

We believe it’s important to create products with a message that connects and uplifts. This is the true inspiration behind every piece we design.

Alexa’s Angels is based in Windsor, CO and now a workplace of a growing team of “angels.” Our founder’s mom still crafts our Original Angel Pins by hand from her SC home. As the company has grown, so have our opportunities to reach out to our local community and beyond with our messages of love and hope.

The Angel Team is dedicated to creating, finding and supporting programs that benefit women. Our mission is to be a great example of how a socially responsible company can make a difference.

To find out more, contact us by phone at 850-863-2221